“Kaleidoscope” released (finally)!!!

It was more than 5 years ago that I entered Menegroth the Thousand Caves to record the first Hazel-Rah EP with Andrew Greenwald and a young Ben Greenberg. I am happy to report that, in the fullness of time, one of the songs from that session, “Kaleidoscope”, is now officially released and available as part of Africantape’s Galaxy 3 Singles series.

It is a free download, and is admittedly looking forward to February 6th’s release of The Africantape 10″.  So please preview, follow the “download” link, enjoy the free gift, and share it with your friends!

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The Africantape 10″ to be released…February 6th, 2012

Africantape Records will be releasing The Africantape 10″ on February 6th, 2012.

The Africantape 10”

“Behold, A Firewall” and “Stars” are indeed the preeminent full-ensemble compositions from Hazel-Rah’s first 5 years, captured skillfully onto tape by Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Krallice) and masterfully executed in performance by Tim Byrnes, Adam Minkoff, David Andrew Moore, and Charlie Looker (Extra Life).  These songs epitomize Hazel-Rah’s sound, juxtaposing crushing dissonance with epic cadences, and advanced rhythmic structures with trance-like passages.


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