“Middle Women” and “Lethe”

I have two new songs up on the web for your listening enjoyment.  “Middle Women” features the vocal talents of Toby Driver (Kayo Dot) and the guitar talents of Andrew Hock (Castevet). “Lethe” features the saxophone artistry of Patrick Wolff.  More information about the tracks can be found on the SoundCloud page!

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Kayo Dot

After a string of fun shows in the spring of 2013, Hazel-Rah is on an indefinite hiatus. I am, however, happy to report the release of Kayo Dot’s new 100+ minute album Hubardo, to which I made significant contributions.

I am also playing live with Kayo Dot at select local shows…see the “Calendar” section for more details.

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Hazel-Rah has been making demo recordings of a lot of new music in preparation for a studio recording sometime down the road.  Please drop a line if you would be interesting in helping to fund such an endeavor.

In the meantime, watch this great live video, filmed by Joelle Simone Wagner (the electric bassoon player of Epistasis), of “Saturated Markets”, taken from our December 2012 show at Expano in Brooklyn as part of the Performer’s Forum series.

Joelle has several other videos of Hazel-Rah on her channel.

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Saturated Markets

Check out this video of us playing a new song, Saturated Markets, at The Freedom Garden in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Thanks to Amy Mills for the footage.

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Tim Byrnes and Hazel-Rah are playing lots of shows in New York City this fall of two-thousand and twelve.  Many of these shows will featured the long awaited new Hazel-Rah music.  Please come by to them if you are around!


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Africantape / Sickroom Sampler 2012

I’m happy to announce that Hazel-Rah has been included on a great free sampler put out by both Africantape and Sickroom Records:


It includes a ton of great bands, and was just released at the Pitchfork Festival 2012 in Chicago!

Africantape / Sickroom Sampler 2012 Press Release

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Hazel-Rah to be featured on Africantape / Sickroom Sampler 2012

Hazel-Rah will be featured on Africantape’s Sampler 2012, in collaboration with Sickroom Records. I believe that the song representing us will be “Behold, A Firewall”. The Sampler will also feature the talents of many other great bands: Phantom Works, Transmontane, The Gary, Jowjo, The Cesarians, Ventura, Extra Life, Three Second Kiss, Electric Electric, Papier Tigre, Half Mile Fox Fur, Big’n, Papaye, Peter Kernel, Micah Gaugh Trio, and more!

This will be a digital release, and will be available July 13th. More information can be found at africantape.com .

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Hazel-Rah is raising money for the recording of its full-length record between May 7th and June 6th!

Hello everyone!

Hazel-Rah is using Kickstarter to raise funds for the recording of its upcoming full-length record. For more information, please follow this link! The rewards are unique and totally awesome!!! If you dig this music, you will want to be a part of this!

If you would like to read the full appeal for this campaign, go here.

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The Africantape 10″ is now available!

Long awaited, The Africantape 10″ is now available for purchase on the 10″ vinyl or digital download format.
A digital download can be purchased through iTunes at a very affordable price!

The Africantape 10”
“Behold, A Firewall” and “Stars” are indeed the preeminent full-ensemble compositions from Hazel-Rah’s first 5 years, captured skillfully onto tape by Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Krallice) and masterfully executed in performance by Tim Byrnes, Adam Minkoff, David Andrew Moore, and Charlie Looker (Extra Life).  These songs epitomize Hazel-Rah’s sound, juxtaposing crushing dissonance with epic cadences, and advanced rhythmic structures with trance-like passages.

The Africantape 10"

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“Kaleidoscope” released (finally)!!!

It was more than 5 years ago that I entered Menegroth the Thousand Caves to record the first Hazel-Rah EP with Andrew Greenwald and a young Ben Greenberg. I am happy to report that, in the fullness of time, one of the songs from that session, “Kaleidoscope”, is now officially released and available as part of Africantape’s Galaxy 3 Singles series.

It is a free download, and is admittedly looking forward to February 6th’s release of The Africantape 10″.  So please preview, follow the “download” link, enjoy the free gift, and share it with your friends!

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